Get A Virtual Capture
First things first, we need a virtual capture of your space. You can bring one you already have or someone from our team goes to your location and takes one for you. The best captures comes from great lighting and equally spaced out navigation points.
Choose a
We are providers of the .space domain and can provide almost any custom domain for landing page. With a domain it'll be recognizable and easy to share. Our team then integrates your virtual capture with an online site.
Add features and branding
With Seea.Space, your virtual location doesn't stop there. We are able to add a variety of features to suit your exact needs. For example: Custom branding, music, before/afters, eCommerce integration, traffic analytics and much more.


You need a camera capable of taking 360º scans and also software to process the files. Current cameras with this featyre include the NcTech iStar Pulsar, Leica BLk360, Faro Focus, Matterport Pro2, and YI 360 VR Camera. Software editors come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

We have the ability to add text, images, and video directly into your 3D with Points-of-Interest tags. Additionally can also implement music, voice-over, animated page loaders, and custom page branding. New features are always being added and custom features are available upon request. 

We have a team of trusted videographers who are experienced in capturing any location or situation. Please reach out to to see if one of our partners are in your area. You may also provide your own 360 virtual captures.

From start to finish about 72 hours. Taking the scan of your location depends on the square footage of the area but usually is done in one shoot day. The post-production and development team then start right away on publishing your 3D virtual capture. 

Because we are integrated with google analytics you are able to view and collect data on visitor traffic, visit duration, visitor location, user device, and more.

Yes, absolutely. If you are using your .space for internal purposes we are able to provide a simple or custom branded password / login screen. 

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